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Payment Plans/Layaways

Last Updated 03/29/24


   If a customer is not able to pay the full amount for a doll upfront, the best solution is to use PayPal's built in "Pay in Four" plan since they will then send me the full amount for the doll right away and the layaway is with them over time. This allows me to use the money for producing the dolls right away.

   If I am personally offering a payment plan, then generally, I prefer 50/50 payment plans/layaways at most since offering payment plan options makes it much harder to pay the production costs that I, as a small one artist business, have to pay upfront to the casting company to produce the dolls... but I know a lot of people struggle with higher amounts so I want to give options that will work with various budgets :)


   Due to several customers requesting that I offer payment plans/layaways directly, I am now allowing a very limited number of them with very strict terms due to past issues with some people not making payments. With this in mind, I can offer up to a 4 month payment plan if trying PayPal "Pay in Four" isn't an option for you :)

   Please do not abuse this service by using layaway as a way to just pay a minimal amount during a preorder with the intention of paying the rest when the doll is ready to ship. Doing so makes it very difficult for the artist to offer layaways in the future. If you are able to make full payment up front please do so with confidence. I guarantee you will receive the items you order as soon as I am able to send them to you.

   The believe the extra work and risk involved with offering layaway is worth it to me to be able to help people who wouldn't otherwise be able to order a doll they love, so I welcome all layaways .

Many hugs!
Sarah B. Seiter
The Mushroom Peddler

To check if I have a spot available on my layaway list please contact me at:


PLEASE BE AWARE I am a mother of five and my children come first always. 
​Please don't be alarmed if it takes a few days for me to send a reply.
I will try to make the wait as short as possible :) 


There are 3 Payment Plan Options

  1. 50/50 - 50% down payment and 50% due within 30 days of first payment

  2. 3 Months - 1/3rd down payment and 1/3 due each 30 days until paid in full

  3. 4 Months - 1/4th down payment and 1/4 due each 30 days until paid in full


  • At least 25%-50% down (depending on the number of months). Some dolls may require a larger deposit. Layaways will be canceled if no down payment is made within 2 days of receiving the layaway invoice.

  • The remaining amount will be due in monthly payments of at least 25%-50% (depending on the number of months) of the total price each month with a maximum layaway time of 4 months unless other arrangements have been made. Please make sure to send a payment each month to keep your layaway in good standing. If you miss 2 month's payments, all payments already sent will be forfeit and your layaway items may be offered for sale to other customers. Unpaid for layaways hurt my business a lot.

  • All payments are non-refundable.

  • It is your responsibility to inform The Mushroom Peddler about any changes to your shipment address or email address.

  • If your doll is ordered with custom color/blushing, the color may not be added until the layaway is paid in full which may add some time to the basic shipment estimate. This is only fair since the most of the dolls are hand colored and it wouldn't be fair to have a layaway sitting around finished while paid in full customers wait for theirs to be sent.

  • There is no limit to how many dolls you can have on layaway at once as long as all of the previous terms are followed and the minimum deposit is made for each doll.

  • Your email (submitted with your order) may be added to the layaway notification mailing list so you may receive a monthly payment reminder and any other info related to your layaway. I will not share your email with anyone else for any purpose. If you have a different email you would prefer to receive reminders at please let me know. 

  • The Mushroom Peddler reserves the right to modify these terms.


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