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Let your dreams become reality!

I opened my business, centered around my art and sculpting, in 2010 and lovingly dubbed it "The Mushroom Peddler" because of my love for whimsical things.

I love fairies, mermaids, and cute critters, so my shop is full of them :) Few things are more satisfying for me than sculpting or painting something beautiful and sharing it with others.


This business consists of a grand total of one mother of five beautiful children, the youngest a baby boy. They are the light of my life and I do this all to provide for them. I occasionally enlist the help of relatives or friends when I feel overwhelmed but often I am on my own to create, market, and ship the things I offer. 


Wishing everyone the very best!

Sarah B. Seiter

aka: The Mushroom Peddler

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